Justice DTS Outreach - Cambodia & Nepal 2014

Week 02 Cambodia

Mango Farm! Yes it is not what I would have considered to be Justice ministry BUT…
The Mango Farm is a place that will soon provide work for displaced people
(visit www. rockfoundationcambodia.webs.com) It was hard work and again we had
Prayer walk around the village Rock Foundation helped build out there.
It was a great time for us all to bond more as a team and to get our hands dirty for Justice. 

Team at work on the Mango Farm - with Sid

Week 01 Cambodia

We worked in the Slum area helping with the ministry there.

The first picture is what it looked like before we started, the second is when we
had completed building the pathway and decorating the community centre.

We visited many of the poor areas around the city Phnom Phen, and also
had the opportunity to Prayer walk through one of the Red light streets.
 It was humbling to work in this ministry and see what everyday life was like for
some people. The children were the ones that impacted us most – everyone has
a story of that kind of experience. The one that stood out to us all is when Mallory
stepped in the mud in the slum and was washing her feet with her drinking water
then the kids came over and stopped her taking her over to their water
and washing her feet.

Cambodia Slum Before
  Shabbat - Slum After

Update - The Journey Commences

You will be pleased to know we all arrived safely.
We took several different flights, Team Mallory - with Hannah, Heathyr,
Ollie, Isaiah & Kiwi were the first to get on the plane from Auckland to
spend the night in Melbourne. Joao & Marina took off second and arrived
in Cambodia @ 10am the following day. Delara & Mae took the last filght
and arrived in China to greet Team Mallory - who by this time were feeling
weary of travelling. Then together they flew to Cambodia - and were
excited & relieved to meet Joao at the Airport.

United once again they enjoyed a good nights rest.