TolMera Who?

Hey if you have just arrived on the site you might not know who I am yet, and that's fine, if you want to get to know me you can keep reading; If you do know me already, you can also keep reading :) but you might like to jump to either my Journal or "Feel the Power".

Ok so for those of you who kept reading, first off my birth name is not TolMera, but it is the name that I use to refer to myself.  How I got the name and what it means to me are both a factor of my Christian journey, for now suffice it to say that I am TolMera, and I will be using that name for myself here on this website, because I wish to keep my identity secure encase I travel to any country that is not Christian Friendly.  (There's some serious risks in the areas I plan to travel over time)

So as obvious from above, I'm a Christian, I Believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Why do I have a website?  So that people I meet, my Family, my Friends and my Supporter can keep up to date with what I am doing.  I also believe this website is here speciffically for you!  yes you.  Yes I am talking to you!  whether I know you or not, I believe that the information I publish here, will be used by our mighty Father to bring you Courage, Healing and Strength

Hopefully you will get to know me through this site, I would love to get to know you as we walk these journeys together, so please send me an email about yourself, I would love to welcome you here personally.