Justice DTS Outreach - Cambodia & Nepal 2014


Week 6-Apple of Gods Eye
Delara´s view

Apple of Gods eye is a ministry that was started by a Brazilian couple and they provide housing and scholarships for kids who have been exploited or at risk as well as those who have come from abusive backgrounds. They have 5 homes which are under the leadership of Nepali people and a school called Apple of Gods Eye which all the children attend as well as others. The homes are run to be like families rather than just a shelter.

I had the most wonderful week! We had the opportunity to go to each of the homes over the past week (2 boys homes, 3 girls homes) and spend time with the kids helping them with their homework, performing dramas, playing games, sharing testimonies and worshiping God together. It was just incredible times of fellowship and we all had an amazing time getting to know the personalities and people in each of the homes. We also got to go to the school everyday and each of us students taught 2 classes a day on Injustice Issues; Genocide, Child Soldiers, Gender Inequality and Abortion. I loved every class I had the chance to teach, the kids were so responsive and engaged with the issue at hand. I got to speak on Gender Inequality and found the kids made a big connection with it living in Nepal, a place where this issue is a major problem. But I also got to hear their hopes and aspirations, they want to become things such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, soccer players, singers, missionaries etc. And its so wonderful because these kids are going to be huge role models in their country and change so many lives with the hope and love they have. I don’t think I could’ve had a greater time and I’m continuously learning so much from them everyday. We also spent a few hours everyday in their training store where they teach some of the ladies beauty and sewing, we got to give them a bit of our knowledge on making things and some of our girls taught making bags and some taught knitting and others gave ideas. But we were completely spoiled because they would do henna for us, do our makeup, thread our eyebrows; after two months of roughing it was a blessing for us girls to be pampered, Isaiah and Joao on the other hand just got to admire the improvement of our looks. This Saturday we split in two groups and went to two of their churches, it was awesome, we did Nepali worship for a long time and then they gave us the opportunity to perform a drama and do some of our worship and I had the chance to share a bit of my testimony and sermon to the church and we had a prayer time at the end and I had a few people share their stories with me and encourage me in what I spoke about which was just so amazing for me to see how God can use the little I had to offer and connect it with their hearts as well.  At the end of the week we had a children’s program at the school for all the kids, well their age ranges from 5-20´s so not all kids, but we played lots of games, did all of our dramas and our dance, had them do some songs for us, Amy and Heathyr shared their testimonies which was incredible because they stepped out of their comfort zones and did an amazing job sharing with 150 people! We prayed over the kids and the school and had some family time just hanging out together laughing and talking, it was so much fun and exhausting and they really do feel like family to all of us now. Sooo yeah, its been an incredible week and probably one of the hardest to say goodbye to after making so many connections and friends with these people, and I will miss them so much. They are all so beautiful, servant hearted, loving, caring, kind, passionate,  God seeking young women and men, and it was an honour and blessing to spend the amount of time we got to with them. They will be forever in my heart!


Week 05 – Ghyangphedi Village – Himalayas.
Hannah´s View

Hello! So I am going to try to summarize our last week for you in a page or two… which is a daunting task as this last week has been amazing! We spent this week in a village in the Himalaya´s, 5 hours by bus then 6 hours by foot! I could probably use my whole time just talking about the bus trip there and back, it surely was an adventure! Once in the billage we were split up and put into homestay´s, two to a house, to help share the income amoung the villagers. Ollie and I (Hannah) got the best one, just saying! We had a little loft room with a view of the ´hills´ as our guide called them. The house smelled of warm earth and smoke and our host was so great! We had Dorje, he is 46 and so sweet! He was soo hospitable and cooked us lots of good food and yummy tea! He didn´t even get upset when I lost the house key in the waterfall while showering, oops! He always tried to talk to us even though we could only understand a very little amount of Nepali. Anyway, the village was so BEAUTIFUL, we got to shower in the waterfall, with lots of children, teach English class to the women, with lots of children around, teach the women how to make bracelet with lots of children around, do our skits, health care, have debrief, eat meals all with you guessed it, lots of children! The kids were so great! We were constantly carrying children on our fronts and backs, playing with them, trying to converse with them. One day Ollie and I both had children asleep in our arms while the mothers were in class. The kids were just so easy to love on and gave us so much love as well. So often when Ollie and I would sit down to a meal it would start out just the two of us and end with a table full of people just chatting and laughing with us as we would try and understand each other. It was so sad leaving, we all loved it so much! On the walk back we really got to understand the tram monsoon season. It poured the whole way back! We were soaked through and everything we had with us too! But it was all part of the fun! Oh and one last thing, on the walk up we stopped to rest at a lady´s house and there was a dog on the steps so I patted it and what not while we rested so then she (the dog) followed us and came all the way to the billage with us, stayed the whole time and came back down with us. It was just so cool! Xiwan (our guide) said she was my first convert! Anyway, there is so much more I could say but I will have to just tell you in person when I see you soon. Only two weeks left! Bye! <3


Week 04 – Nepal!

Beauty for Ashes, New Creation and the Mukti Prayer network were the places we got to experience how it all connects together to reach those effected by injustice. To be involved with these groups in walking alongside their ministries to see the impact of a network of organistions can have on the city. One of the most challenging times for us all was going to the red light district with Watila, it was heavy spiritually and emotionally draining to see the deprivation and desperation of the people. We also did our first Nepali service and performed our skits in the smallest space yet 10x15 feet (1x2meters) if that – so much fun. We could see on the faces of the people that our message was having an impact. We were able to share the gospel with one old lady and that really encouraged our team. We also experienced our most  miraculous prayer/intercession time as after the service we went to the home of a young couple whose husband was paralyzed but now standing and the woman had an issue with bleeding (like the woman in the bible who touched the hem of Jesus garment). 2 weeks ago they committed their lives to Christ. We prayed for their healing it was a moment of heaven touching earth. The neighbours watched us the whole time and said if they are healed they will follow their God also. A whole neighbourhood will be impacted by one event! As we left the man was able to stand straight and we could see the woman was different – the testimony of the healing will be that they have another child. Keep praying for God to move in this nation – our prayers are having an impact.


Jamase – Praise God

Just to let you all know we will be hiking the Himalayas all next week. We will bring you this past week of ministry and the adventure in our next update after we successfully return from our journey into the Mountians (or hills as we are told you can only call it a mountian if it has snow on it.)


Jum reb lear Cambodia & Namaste Nepal
Yes we are here in Nepal. A bitter sweet goodbye (Jum reb lear) leaving Cambodia, especially since we had to leave Chris or guide and treasured companion of our Cambodia journey in the country to continue her personal journey.
We arrived in Nepal and instantly Praised God – because Nepal is so much cooler (temperature wise) then Cambodia. Today´s orientation Amazing Race Nepal!!! (oh Yeah, it was awesome) has us closing the chapter on Cambodia and saying Namaste Nepal. We are all looking forward to the weeks ahead and all God has for us in them. Thank you for your continued prayers and support, lives are being changed – sometimes it is ours.


Week 03 Cambodia  - SakSaum

This past week was our last week in Cambodia. We worked with a business and ministry with a heart for the vulnerable and exploited; to bring healing to the broken and to empower those who feel powerless.
We served alongside the men and women there by helping them with whatever they needed. We cleaned their kitchen, tagged, checked and prepared their products, sorted through the piles of beautiful fabric, helped in the children’s nursery, painted dollhouses for them, made jewelry, and just loved on them. It really felt like a family.

 There were two women who really impacted Ollie during the short time there. One is a woman named Socheata. One of the most beautiful people I´ve ever met. She was illiterate when she joined Sak Saum four years ago, and now she is in charge of all the fabric, which is a huge job. She is a mother of two children and is so gentle, eager to learn English, and so loving to those around her.
The second was a woman named Mary. She is 30 years old and reaches just below my shoulders. Mary is chatty, affectionate, warm-hearted and talented. She is almost completely blind; yet she paints fabric – that is turned into a purse or bag etc. Her designs are the top selling products in the business!
God reminded me that He is greater than any circumstances and can use anyone! The LORD doesn´t NEED us, but he chooses us to do amazing things that fulfill the desires of our heart and bring honour and glory to him. He presents opportunities before us, we just have to be willing and trust him, and say YES!
It was humbling, inspiring and encouraging working and spending time with the wonderful people at Sak Saum, it opened up my eyes to see the impact of perseverance, love, truth and learning to have a servant heart in everything I do.

To learn more about this organisation visit www.saksaum.com

Dollhouse Painting SakSaum

Week 02 Cambodia

Mango Farm! Yes it is not what I would have considered to be Justice ministry BUT…
The Mango Farm is a place that will soon provide work for displaced people
(visit www. rockfoundationcambodia.webs.com) It was hard work and again we had
Prayer walk around the village Rock Foundation helped build out there.
It was a great time for us all to bond more as a team and to get our hands dirty for Justice. 

Team at work on the Mango Farm - with Sid

Week 01 Cambodia

We worked in the Slum area helping with the ministry there.

The first picture is what it looked like before we started, the second is when we
had completed building the pathway and decorating the community centre.

We visited many of the poor areas around the city Phnom Phen, and also
had the opportunity to Prayer walk through one of the Red light streets.
 It was humbling to work in this ministry and see what everyday life was like for
some people. The children were the ones that impacted us most – everyone has
a story of that kind of experience. The one that stood out to us all is when Mallory
stepped in the mud in the slum and was washing her feet with her drinking water
then the kids came over and stopped her taking her over to their water
and washing her feet.

Cambodia Slum Before
  Shabbat - Slum After

Update - The Journey Commences

You will be pleased to know we all arrived safely.
We took several different flights, Team Mallory - with Hannah, Heathyr,
Ollie, Isaiah & Kiwi were the first to get on the plane from Auckland to
spend the night in Melbourne. Joao & Marina took off second and arrived
in Cambodia @ 10am the following day. Delara & Mae took the last filght
and arrived in China to greet Team Mallory - who by this time were feeling
weary of travelling. Then together they flew to Cambodia - and were
excited & relieved to meet Joao at the Airport.

United once again they enjoyed a good nights rest.